Monday, 16 January 2012

Sticking to my resolutions

Today is the first day of the boundary setting, business mum me.

There have been setbacks... I dropped small one off at nursery (slightly late as she was very clingy this morning and I didn't want to rush her). Mr MilkChic woke up with a very sore back - he's not really a manflu type and he couldn't move without groaning, so he didn't go to work today. Tea made, sympathy offered, muscle gel rubbed in.... I realised that the house was a complete tip so I did the bare minimum housework to get it tidy (clear toys from lounge, dishwasher on, wipe surfaces) and finally sat down to get started. 11:30...

Still, I might manage 5 hours.

Today I am tidying up the databases, getting rid of out of stocks and adding new lines. I am desperate to get my head around datafeeds so I can add lines more quickly and easily. It's a job for February really, when everyone gets their Xmas credit card bills and stops shopping, but I may have a go today...

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  1. I am sticking to my New Year's resolution, which is to have Afternoon Tea at least once a month. January and February are already booked in!


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